Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hunter's Two-Year Well Check

I took Hunter into his doctor today for his, you guessed it, two-year well check. The doctor and nurse were surprised at how well H-dizzle talks for his age. While in there, Hunter was playing in my purse, pulled out the hand sanitizer, and asked, "What's this?" I answered, "Hand sanitizer." Hunter echoed back, "Oh. . . hand sanitizer. Got it." Then chucked it back inside my purse. Dr. B looked at me and said, "I'll say he can talk all right if he says hand sanitizer!" I was proud. That being said, Hunter was not at all a fan of Dr. B's. I guess Hunter still doesn't want to be friends with him. I can't say that I blame him. I might be a little weirded out if a stranger looked in my ears, mouth, and at my (ahem) nether region among other things. Hunter kept saying, "Mama! Mama! I want Mama!" during the whole examination. I was holding him, but I guess that wasn't close enough. Silly boy.

Now for stats, which surprised me! I'm so used to having the doctor comment about Tralee's unusual tall-ness that when I found out Hunter is in the "slightly above average" zone I was taken aback. Anywho. . . to make it official here are the numbers:

Height: 35 inches -- 63%
Weight: 28 lbs -- 49%

As you can see, Hunter's average for weight and a little above average for height. Whatever size, I love my little love nugget of delish boyness!

Hunty did not enjoy the shots, but that's to be expected. He only cried for a minute, and once handed a sucker, all was right in his world again.

That's all.


Boom said...

He is exceptional,isn't he! What a boy!

Love Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Ummm, because Maesa and Hunter are the same age, I am just gonna say that she is taller, but she can not talk;)

A Whit said...

Aw, I love that story! The best part is remembering when a lot of these things happened. Good 'ol Jim. You guys are so awesome.