Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where did the last two years go?

Two years ago, after all our visitors came and left the hospital, and my husband, Jim, went home to shower and check on our two-year-old daughter and Grammy Char Char, I walked over to the crib that held my newborn slumbering son. I put my cheek against his and felt his warm baby breath kiss my skin. I marveled. I studied. I breathed him in (is there any smell better than that of your baby?). I wondered whose nose he wore, what color his eyes would turn, and who he would grow up to be.

Hunter wasn't more than a few hours old and already proved to be an "easy" baby. He slept. . . a lot. He ate when I wanted him to, and even then it took some coaxing. I remembered my hospital experience with my first-born daughter, Tralee, and prepared myself for endless nursing and all nighters of bouncing and pacing the floor in hopes that the tiny being I had created would finally go back to sleep. Tralee protested us in every step of the way. If something wasn't HER idea (yes, even from her first few hours of life) she wouldn't do it (a personality trait that has continued to this day). I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the saying, every baby is different, was, in fact, true. Where Tralee was demanding Hunter was laid-back. Where Tralee was unwilling Hunter was patient. I remember getting an unprecedented four hours of sleep in the hospital after having Hunter and asking Jim, "Can you IMAGINE if we had Hunter first and Tralee second? We would be horrified right now and thinking something was terribly wrong with our baby!" I could find no fault with Hunter. He came to us with a mellow attitude that fit right into the mix, and we all adored him for it . . . and for his squishy baby cheeks we couldn't kiss enough.

Two years later those squishy cheeks are still just as kissable. Hunter continues to be pretty laid back, but is also discovering his independence. He's so cuddly, loving, funny, sensitive, and eager to please. And smart too! Hunter's really starting to talk now. He started talking right around nine months old, but now he's saying full sentences and we're sharing actual conversations. Some of the stuff he says cracks me up. I just can't believe he's already two. Why-O-why do children have to grow up so fast? It's not fair. Where is the magic spell that keeps them little forever? I know another year will fly by as fast as this last one. And on the night of his next birthday I'll do what I did tonight. After everyone was settled for the night, I walked over to where Hunter slept, leaned over, and rested my cheek against his. I felt his warm toddler breath kiss my skin. I marveled. I studied. I breathed him in (is there any smell better than that of your sleeping child?). I still wondered whose nose he wore, was happy his eyes turned from baby blue into the color of warm maple syrup, and wondered who he would grow up to be. If the last two years are any indication, I KNOW he's destined for greatness!

Celebrating two years of Hunter's life is the best way to commend Mother's Day! Thanks to both of my children for making me a mother! You're the best things I've ever done!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! What a nice post. All of you guys who have such sweet, kind baby boys make me jealous, because I basically have two Tralee's! I guess it's good for a girl to know exactly what she wants, right? Right? ;)

Boom said...

You put Hunter into such perfect words. He is so everything good, sweet, wonderful ....

Love, Mom