Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday Jim called me from work and let me know he would be bringing home some surprises for the kids. When Jim got home he knocked on the door, and two giant bears where staring at the kids and me on when I opened it. I guess they marked these suckers WAY down at Costco so Jim snagged one for each kid-o. They LOVED this surprise.
Comments like, "Oh Daddy! This makes me so happy," and "Oh I love my giant bear," and "Thank you! Thank you!" were heard all night long.
Tralee named her bear Brownie and Hunter's Cheese Sandwich. But Tralee's bear's name is also Cheese Sandwich for short.
My mother would have NEVER. EVER. allowed something like this in the house when I was growing up. She would have said it was a waste of space and not practical enough. Don't get me wrong, my mom was/is very giving and loved to spoil us in very sensible ways, she just wasn't the biggest fan of any kind of stuffed animal in general. Therefore I always wanted something like this growing up, but never got it (I know I know. Poor spoiled me. Boohoo). Anywho, I kinda love that my kids have these giant bears. They love them. I love that they love them. And I love that my husband loves to show up with surprises like this for no other reason than knowing it will make his kids happy.

And to end this post, here they are jumping on the trampoline together:

Living with these giant stuffies will be more BEARable than my dear mother would think. Jim really is as sweet as honey for surprising his kids like this.

Hardy har har.


amy said...

that's awesome!! so sweet!! hopefully they don't want to drag cheese sandwich or brownie anywhere with them! (and i love that the one bear has two names - Haylee does that all the time, too).

Boom said...

OK, they are cute! But ... better your house than mine! And just to remind you, you did have a big bear that your cousin Kevin gave you. I must have gotten rid of it somewhere down the road because it's no longer here.

Love Mom

Necha said...

Love it! I wanted to get some giant stuffed animals from sams club the other day but Josh wouldn't let me! lol!

Hannah S said...

LOL. We never had big animals like that either. But my mom has since given our children 3 very large stuffed animals, like as big as Cecily kinds. They are obnoxious to have around because they do take up a lot of room. But they are great for road trips (even though they take up a lot of room) bcse they're like pillows too.