Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Photos

Tralee and I have been having some fun with Photo Booth lately. We both get the giggles doing this.
Then sometimes Tralee gets on Photo Both all on her own, and I get a kick going through the 100+ pictures she takes of herself during each shoot.
She sure loves Orange (a tiny stuffed animal cat) so he made it into some of her pics.
Sometimes I come in mid-photoshoot whether Tralee wants me to or not.
What am I looking at over there? I think I was trying to be model-y (in the picture below, not above). Don't think I'll make it into Glamour or Elle anytime soon. Especially since my go-to outfit is my favorite sweatpants and one of Jim's t-shrits, and I don't think my feet have sported any kind of heal since. . . I can't remember. C'est la vie.
Eh. . . I like Tralee and my photoshoots more than I like espadrilles anyways.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

Photo Booth is awesome! You guys are too funny:) Love the pics. Maybe one day I will stop caring and take the ugliest photo booth picture of myself and put it as my facebook pic! I dare me!