Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hunteretta and Princess Valentine

Jim was so excited when he found out we were going to have a son. He imagined himself teaching Hunter how to do all the "manly" stuff he's so good at. Daydreams of camping trips, golf outings, cheering for Hunter as he dribbles a basketball down the court and makes a lay-up all played through Jim's head (I'm really just guessing here. I don't really know what goes on in that twisted mind of my hubby's). I DO know something that DIDN'T come up in Jim's daydreams was seeing his son wearing this:
Our boy likes to copy whatever his big sister does. That means more often than not, instead of rough-housing, Hunter plays dress-up with Tralee. We find him wearing necklaces, bracelets, slipping his legs through skirts and tutus, and carrying baby dolls around. In fact, the first thing Hunter said to me this morning was, "Where's my baby?" Once we found his favorite doll he carried it around, and even fed her from a pretend bottle. Later on I found him cuddling his baby in a basket of laundry I needed to take upstairs, and when I left to run some errands with Hunter he wanted to take his baby with.
Jim's not a fan of Hunter getting in touch with his feminine side, but I think it's adorable. Adorable as it is, Jim is always relieved when Hunter picks up a toy truck, starts cruising it around while a loud "Vroom! Vroom!" leaves Hunter's lips. Jim also exhales a sigh of relief when Hunter starts throwing a ball around, building with blocks, or roaring a toy dinosaur. It's just that with a big sister as your full-time play companion the girly stuff pretty much wins out most of the time. I informed Jim that he too had not only one, but two big sisters, so I'm pretty sure he played a "girly" game or two in his time. Actually. . . these pictures should pretty much prove to Jim that even if you act a little girly in your youth it doesn't mean you'll do so into adulthood:

I know the image quality isn't great in the above picture, but that cute little boy dressed like a little girl in the back. Yup, that's Jim.

In the picture below, Jim AND his brother John are both sporting girl costumes (Jim's in the yellow wig). Both of them turned out (relatively) normal. So, Hunter should be JUST fine.
Now in Tralee news, I made a little Valentines dress for Stinks. I threw it together in a day out of leftover fabric in my stash. I had no pattern and just came up with this. It looks really cute at first glance, but don't look too closely. There are about a million mistakes. That didn't stop me from putting her in it on Valentines day. And FYI: The green tights were totally HER idea, and she just wore them right after I finished the dress. When she wore it on V-day I made her wear white tights with light pink polka-dot hearts, and she was (luckily) happy with my choice. The green tights took a break for the day. Anywhoo. . . Tralee looks super cute, green tights and all!!

Also, Tralee wrote this the other day and gave it too me. She's getting really good at reading and writing. So proud!

That's all folks.


Joni said...

Cute dress! On both your kids. haha

amy said...

I was a bit worried about Brady for a while when he insisted on wearing a pretty dress - just like his sister. We compromised on a blue nightgown. I also have pics of him in Haylee's panties - I'm pretty sure I'll need blackmail for that kid someday!

Amberly said...

beckham wears princess dresses all the time. seneca also plays trains and cars... I figure we don't really have much to worry about!

Hannah S said...

Lovely skirt! And no pattern? impressive, you need to post tutorials. And I thought I remember you announcing, a while back, that there were good things in the works, like you were going to open a shop or something....or was I way off?