Monday, February 14, 2011

Half Moon Bay Beach

On Thursday morning we went to Ikea. Can you believe I've never been to an Ikea? It was super fun (for me, not so much for Jim who was the designated kid-watcher). Jim wasn't impressed with the quality of the furniture (typical cabinet-maker) and said the price reflected the quality. I could have spent all day in Ikea getting ideas and picking out various items I wanted. Since Jim and the kids came along I tried to hurry, and I also had to fly home so I limited myself to just a few fun items: fabric, a duvet set for Hunty's room, and a few frames.

After Ikea we found our way to a beach by/near Half Moon Bay. We just entered "Half Moon Bay Beach" in our GPS and it took us to some suburb. Actually, it wanted us to go to the middle of the ocean by the looks of it, but the suburb cut us off. We found our way back to the main road and followed signs to the nearest beach which was called, "Venice Beach." We had to wade through an ankle deep stream to get to the beach, but once we were there it was SUPER nice. Actually, wading through the stream was kinda fun too.

Here are pictures:
Look at that big wave behind Hunter! The waves were really big this day.

Tralee was saying, "Nooooo!" in this picture because her sandcastle fell apart.
Hunty was crying because no one was holding him. He's scared of the ocean, and every time we went near the water while holding him he yelled, "No! No! No!" Then pointed his finger in the opposite direction.

Serious picture.
I like Hunty's face below. "Why the heck did they put me in this hole?"
A little cheesy a little cute.

I kinda love the picture below. Hunty was not in love with being this close to the water.
I really love the two silhouette-type pictures below. Tralee loved dipping her feet in the water with her daddy. Tralee's more like Jim (adventurous) and Hunter's more like me (scaredy-cat).

Chalk off another perfect day spent with my favorite peeps.

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Joni said...

I love all those pictures! Looks like such a fun trip.