Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Juds

A while back I purchased some coupons on Groupon for a burger joint in town called Big Juds. We've never been there, but we saw an episode on Man v. Food where the host guy ate there. Here's a clip from that episode:
Last Saturday Jim, the kids, and I decided to use our coupons and see what all the fuss was about. When we got to Big Juds we decided that all four of us could split the "Man v. Food" burger. On it were two patties, bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. I'm a sucker for anything with mushrooms, plus how often do you get to try something you see on the ol' telly? Well. . .this burger not only comes with a drink, but a HUGE basket of fries or tots (your choice). Our waitress told us there was NO WAY our family would even get close to finishing this meal. We weren't so sure, but when the burger, tots, and drink came to the table we realized she was right. The four of us didn't even make it through a quarter of the meal. AND. . . we were eating this massive burger for the next two days until we finally couldn't do it anymore and threw the last bit away.
I had been eating vegan-ish for about a week prior to this meatfest (just trying to get back on track from our Cali vaca). Just a week before this experience I was blending spinach smoothies made with almond milk and ample sprinklings of flax meal. Imagine that, and then cut to me chowing down on a bacon, mushroom, swiss, blue burger. Talk about two totally opposite ends of the spectrum. But oh the juicy goodness of our Big Juds experience was totally worth it. I later asked Jim, "If more coupons for Big Juds ever come up on Groupon, should I get them again?" I believe his answer was something to the effect of, "Heck yes you should!"


Cammi said...

That big burger is awesome but it kinda makes me wanna barf just looking at it!! haha..

Necha said...

Wowza!!! I want some!! You could have shipped me half and never known the difference! :)

Tim, Jennie, Paisley and Moose said...

Big Judds is famous on this side of Idaho. I used to go all the time when I was at BYUI. I didnt know he started one in Boise.

Hannah S said...

Wow That's crazy! Looks good though.