Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tralee's Four Year Check

I took Tralee in for her four-year-old check up. She had a lot of fun talking to her Dr. and his nurses up until the shots came. She had to get FIVE shots! The good news is, no more shots until she's eleven. WAHOO!

Tralee's doctor asked her to count her fingers, hop on one leg, spell her name, and answer some more four-year-old related questions. She answered them all beautifully and the doctor was impressed with her smart little self. She did not, however pass her hearing test, which means I'll be taking her into the ear doctor for further investigation on Friday. I'm not too worried about it, but a little curious to see why she didn't pass. I know Tralee can hear, as I whispered in each of her ears throughout the day yesterday and asked her to tell me what I said. She got it right each time. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes on Friday.

When Tralee got her flu shot a few weeks ago the nurse had Tralee lay down, while I was up by her head holding her hands. I didn't even tell Tralee what was going to happen, and just distracted her by doing silly things. When she got the flu shot Tralee and I were saying the alphabet as fast as we could. She was laughing and before we knew it the shot was over and she had no idea it even happened. My plan of attack was the same for yesterday. When the nurse came in to do the dirty deed I explained to her how it worked so well with the flu shot and she said, "Oh ok." Next thing I knew she turned to Tralee and said, "Okay sweetie. I'm going to give you some shots and they're REALLY going to hurt. You're going to cry and scream and that's okay." WHAT THE HECK!!!!! Did this nurse not just hear what I said? So, instead of being nice and calm Tralee was all tense anticipating each shot. She wouldn't even look at me and do the silly things, her eyes just got big as each needle headed towards her leg. Poor thing. She was really brave though, and only cried a little at the very end. The rest of the day Tralee kept saying, "Those shots had pinchers on them. I did NOT like those shots!" Poor baby.

As far as Tralee's stats go, she's pretty much off the charts with her height. She's 97% for weight and literally off the charts for height. The doctor said something like, "She's about 97% for weight and well. . . over 97% for height, but she's continuing on her healthy growth curve so no need to worry. She's just really tall." In fact, she's about the size of an average six-year-old. No matter how tall she is, she'll always be my sweet baby girl. I just love her so so so much!

So that's what we did yesterday. I'll let you know how the hearing tests go on Friday.



Boom said...

I would have let that nurse have an earful! You know me! Get me her phone number and name and I still will!

Love Mom

Joni said...

stupid nurse! Good thing Tralee is tough.

Hannah S said...

Wow, she's tall! Taller than Joc. What an idiot nurse....