Friday, March 25, 2011

New Tricks

Tralee has really been into hula hooping. She's been trying and trying to figure it out, and this morning it all came together. We're so proud. Check out the video, but don't mind our appearance, we were all still in our jammies.

Hunter also surprised us with a new trick today. He walked up to Jim, pointed at his own nose, and started whimpering. Upon further investigation Jim discovered Hunter shoved a little Russian stacking doll (the tiniest one) all the way up his nose. Lovely. Luckily, Jim was able to maneuver the little doll right back out. Ah. . . so proud of both our children today. :)

I love my little chickadees.


Boom said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!!! Please tell Miss Tralee I've never seen such a good Hola Hooper! She is amazing. I am so proud of her!

Love Grandma Charlene

Cammi said...

seriously,... i've never been able to hoola hoop like that in my life... i can't believe it! Plus, tell her to stop growing ok?

Jackie Rogers Hammond said...

Oh your kids are getting so big!