Friday, March 4, 2011

Hearing Check and Recent Projects

Turns out Tralee's hearing is just fine. Just as I suspected. She did very well at her hearing check. She listened to the doctor and followed directions like a dream. The doctor told me it's amazing she got through all the testing, as some seven-year-olds can't do it. That's my girl! I asked why Tralee might have failed the hearing test at her four-year-check and the dr. said it could have been any variable of reasons. Tralee could have been moving around too much, she could have had water in her ears from that morning's bath, etc. So, we're knowingly relieved at the results. Back to normal programming.
I made a few decorations/crafts for our house lately. I bought some dollar store frames, painted them, and then cut out each state/providence Jim or/and I have lived (with exception Ireland, as it's a country). Then I pasted the state/providence/country on some cute paper, and then placed them in the frames. The two frames that don't hold a place of dwelling are some things I made using this tutorial and then just printed them out. All-in-all this little project cost me around $15 bucks give or take.

I also made this little poster and used modge podge and scrapbook paper to spruce up the mat in the frame. I kinda love it.
Then I moved along to this little project:
And lastly I wanted something for our bedroom so I made this poster using the same tutorial from above, bought a frame at Ross, painted it red, and then viola! Some new art for our room.
I thought Jim would like the project above because it's an Irish wedding blessing (and he loves all things Ireland), but he's not a fan. I have no idea what kind of decor Jim likes. He complains that what I decorate with is too girly. Some of it probably is, but whatever. I just so happen to be a girl, and when I ask for his opinion his answer is always, "Just do what you want." So when he comments, "This looks really girly." I wonder to myself, what would he have done? Bowling Pin lamps? Sports paraphernalia everywhere? Taxidermied (spl?) fish and furry animals hung above our bed and in our dining room, blankly staring at us while we eat and sleep? Maybe a bearskin rug? Or Canadian and Irish flags hanging on every wall? Movie posters to Strange Brew, Back to the Future, and Monty Python, framed and hung where we watch tv? All of this is SO not gonna happen, unless Jim has a Man Cave someday. He can decorated however he wants in his Man Cave. So until then, this is my opinion on the matter: Women should get full say in decorations, and men should learn to say they love it all no matter what, even if I decorate with pink flowers and red hearts in every room of the house (which I won't by the way).

That's all.

A good day to you!

Post Post: After I wrote this and told Jim about how I think he would decorate he said, "Yeah! That's exactly right!" He especially liked my idea about the bowling pin lamps and taxidermied animals everywhere. I love my manly man, and I'm actually warming up to the idea of some bowling pin lamps. That might be kinda funky. I like funky and eclectic, even though funky and eclectic for me always translates into girly. But I think bowling pin lamps would be anything but girly, and I might get some points from the hubster.


Boom said...

I love them all except I think Jim is right about the last one. My humble opinion is it should have something inside the frame around the saying like you did with the Sunshine one that would incorporate the color of the frame with the color of the blessing.

On a different note, Heavenly Father knows the desires of our hearts, whether they be good or evil. That's it!

Love Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I am so impressed with all of the projects that both you and Jim do around your house. I bet you have the best-looking house in all of Idaho! I need some of your creativity/craftiness!

Hannah S said...

Lol. Tyler dreams of his mancave too. He has one downstairs but his computer isn't down there, and it's a cold storage room full of his tools. One day he'll hang his LOTR posters and gaming junk. But, for now, I don't want to feel like we still live in a bachelor pad or college dorm room
Lovely collage! I like the color of the frames! And fun travel art idea.