Monday, October 11, 2010

Tralee's Story

Jim calls us every morning and every night while he's away. Usually Jim and I have a few minutes to tell each other a few stories about our day, say a few sweet nothings, and miss each other like crazy before the kids find out Daddy is on the phone, and want a turn to talk to him.

This morning Tralee took the phone, and told Jim she wanted to tell him a story. That's their thing, they tell each other stories before bedtime, and whenever else Tralee thinks it's a good idea. So this morning, Jim was more than happy to hear one of Tralee's tales. This is how it went:

"One time there were these scary monsters. And they pooped, and pooped, and pooped everywhere. Then superman came there and he saved the day. Then he put the shoe on the princess's foot and they lived happily ever after. The end."

I laughed right out loud at her story. We've been watching Superman shows lately, so I know where that came into play. We also watched Cinderella last night together, so I know why Superman put the shoe on the princess's foot. BUT, the pooping monsters? I have NO IDEA where that came from. We have the book Everyone Poops that we read almost daily around here. . . at least five times in a row. But, there are no pooping monsters in that book, just people and animals. Maybe one day Tralee will write a book about pooping monsters. I'll be the first (and probably only person) in line to buy it.

The End.

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Boom said...

That girl has some kind of imagination!