Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Voices

Here's a few things the little voices in my house have been saying.


The other day Tralee was playing a PBS game on the computer, and I had to get on to check something. She did not like me interrupting her game and in the midst of her pouting she said, "Mommy, you are making me VERY GRUMPY!!" I laughed.


Whenever Hunter wants to go outside he runs to the back door and says, "Side. . . side. . . side" until I open the door and her runs out to play.

Hunter calls blankets buddies. He'll often climb up on the bed, or the couch, point to a blanket and say, "Buddy. . .buddy. . . buddy" until we cover him up.

Hunter constantly brings books up to me during the say, and while pushing them into my hands he exclaims, "Wan one. Wan one." That's how he says, "want one." He also does this with food he discovers in the pantry. I almost always give into his reading requests. As soon as I open the front page of whichever book he most recently discovered, his little bottom backs up until it's the appropriate distance to plop into my lap. I love it. I also like to steal sniffs from the top of his head as I read. He's starting to loose that baby smell, and he's starting to smell more and more like a little boy. I gotta suck in whatever's left of my baby before it's gone forever.

In other news:

Blog posting has been slight lately. We've been kind of busy around here. Lots of play dates, meetings, crafts, appointments, dinners (one with a high school friend I hadn't seen in 10 years, that was FUN!), and various other activities that take me away from the computer. It's nice to be busy, but sometimes it's just as nice to have a day with nothing planned. We haven't had one of those in a while. Today is the first. It's nice to start with a blank canvas instead of having to follow the instructions on a paint by number. Kay. . .enough talk, I'm gonna go start slathering my blank canvas with a myriad of spontaneous activities.

Later gaters.

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Boom said...

Where did Dad get that picture of Hunter with the Mickey ears on his bum?