Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Projects

This is the first house Jim and I have lived in that I'll actually be sad to leave when the time comes. We're renting, so sooner or later I'm sure we'll either be kicked out when the owner decides to sell (he's already asked us if we want to buy it), or when we're ready to move onto something else. Anyways, it's a lot more fun to decorate a place when you like living there. I've been busy working on some things to improve the place, and thought I'd share a few pics. I won't be offended if this kind of thing doesn't interest you. So, for those of you who aren't interested, go ahead and click out of the page right now. If you're still reading, here are a few of my projects:

Jim got me a futon for my birthday (my birthday hasn't happened yet, I'm one of those people who ALWAYS finds things she wants for her birthday before it even happens). The futon's frame was black, but that was too normal for me, so I painted it slate blue. Oh. . .and get this!!! We got the futon off of craigslist (don't worry, it was bedbug free, and came from a storage unit where it was still wrapped in its original packaging), but it wasn't assembled and there were NO instructions. Guess what my savvy self did? I watched a few YouTube assembly videos, found a few online instructions, and put it together all by myself! As the wise Spice Girls would say, "GIRL POWER!"

My other big deal thing I did was make a little book corner. I went to a hardware store, bought the hardware, came home, sewed the book holders out of old sheets I bought at a thrift store for a dollar each (again, bedbug free. Never fear, I watched Dr. Oz's bedbug show and knew what to look for!), and then put it all together (including drilling holes in the wall and setting anchors in). I also made the "read" sign, and I'm really digging the finished product. What gives me the greatest pleasure is when I walk by and see Tralee or Hunter sitting on the princess couch or futon reading a book they got from my homemade fabric book shelf.
Another project I'm digging are the princess skirts I made for Tralee and my niece Haylee. We're going to Disney World in a few weeks, and thought they needed to look the part.

Tralee's is inspired after Snow White
Haylee's is inspired off of the pink dress Giselle wears in the beginning of Enchanted.
I really like the lining (made from a vintage bed sheet. The sheer layer on top is made from a curtain). I really had fun making these.
I made this little craft the other day and it's hanging in the toy room. I wish I could say I was clever enough to come up with this idea myself, but I read about it on another craft blog.
I tackled shorts for the first time in my sewing career. I made the one's below for Hunter's first trip to Disney. I like the Mickey butt.
My nephew Brady also got a pair of Mickey shorts, but his Mickey isn't on the bum, and it's a storm trooper Mickey. Brady likes Star Wars, so hopefully he'll like them too.

The next few photos are from Tralee's room. She has a winged things/outdoors theme going on.

When I went to my parents' in June/July I found an old piece of wallpaper in my memory boxes. It's the wallpaper that hung in my room when I was a little girl. I thought I should frame it and put it in Stink's room.
Below is another craft I copied from a craft blog.

I got this wicker shelf thing for free, and spray painted it green. My favorite thing in the picture below is the yellow owl. I found it at a thrift store for 75 cents. The "I Miss Your Kiss" doll was also in my room when I was a little girl. My mom gave it to me, if memory serves correct, I believe my mom got it from an old boyfried. Correct me if I'm wrong mom.
I found this embroidered owl picture at a yard sale for a dollar. I painted the frame green. I really like it.
Jim made me the mirror, I painted it, and made some "welcome" blocks for it.
Tralee and I made some ghosties the other day. She drew the faces on. It was a fun project.

So the next picture is nothing I made, but when I was cooking dinner tonight I opened the cupboard and my pretty, colorful, thrifted, Pyrex bowls made me smile. I think this is my favorite cabinet in the kitchen. Plus, my cookbooks are all right there. They used to be organized, but as I reach in there and grab this one or that one, then cram them back in there in the midst of cooking, they end up looking how they do.
And to end my homemade post, here's a picture of the homemade whole wheat pizza Tralee and I made together tonight. It was our first attempt at pizza dough, and it was quite delish.
So there you go.


Andrea said...

I wish I was a crafty as you! I love the book corner. I've seen those book holders before on another blog and loved them. Do you have a pattern for the adorable skirts?

Necha said...

Wow!! Looks amazing! I swear you must read the same craft blogs as me because I have seen some of those things before! :) You rock! I just read about them and wish I could do them. lol

Leslie said...

Andrea- Thanks for the compliments! So nice. I don't have a pattern for the skirts, I just kinda came up with them after looking at a few skirts of Tralee's, and looking around at a few sewing blogs.

Necha- You're funny. I read your preschool blog and think about my sad attempts at learning time with Tralee. You're ideas are so stinken cute!

Hannah S said...

Way to be so productive! Great ideas all across the board. Lovely lovely.