Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Alaskan Surprise!

I put the kids to bed last night, cleaned downstairs, had a little WWW time, and then started getting sleepy myself so I headed off to bed. I decided to check some old DVR recordings before conking out and was in the middle of a show when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to my bedroom door where I saw a shadow. The shadow leaned forward and all of a sudden I saw him. A MAN WAS IN MY HOUSE!! AHHHH! Then I recognized the man, it was my husband! Jim wasn't supposed to be home until Saturday, but he surprised us all by flying home a few days early. GOOD SURPRISE!!! I was SO happy to see him after almost a month!

I couldn't wait for morning to see the kids' reaction to their daddy being home. Hunter woke up and started snuggling him and wouldn't let go. Everytime Jim tried to set him down, Hunter clung onto his daddy. Tralee came wondering into our room early this morning and climbed up on the bed. Then she realized that Daddy was in our bed and she got the cutest smile on her face. She kept turning to look at him just to make sure he was still there. Talk about a heart melter.

Now we just have to get ready for Disney World in a few days! WAHOO!! Can't wait.

Lastly, here are a few videos from some of Jim's Alaskan Adventures:

This was right before the sled dogs started pulling Jim. They were all excited to get going:

Here's Jim getting pulled on an ATV by the sled dogs.

Jim and some moose.


Andrea said...

Jim you are both hilarious and CRAZY! Aren't moose known for being dangerous?!

Joni said...

I'm so glad Jim is home and not messing with Moose!! I'm suprised those moose didn't kill him!

Cammi said...

That is such a good surprise!!!

Necha said...

I'm glad you didn't accidentally kill Jim thinking he was an intruder! I probably would have! :) Glad he's home!

Carrie said...

Wow I did not know he came to alaska you should have sent him to see us! Bummer glad he had fun!