Monday, October 18, 2010

Jim's Day Off

For those of you who don't know, Jim's been working in Alaska for the month of October. We miss him around here, and get really excited every time the phone rings and he's on the other end. He's mostly just working, but he did get a day off last week, and decided to go on a little Alaskan tour guided by a little old man. Jim's first choice would have been to go fishing, but all the fishing charters were closed down for the season since the salmon have already done their thang. He had a good time exploring, but said it would have been PERFECT if his family could have shared the day with him. Oh well, pictures will have to do. So. . . here are a few pictures of Jim's adventures. There are videos as well, but they're not uploading to youtube for some reason. So. . . pictures now, and (maybe) videos later.

First up, scenery. There's a glacier in the pic too, if you look closely
Jim's tour included a ride from some iditarod sled dogs. He got pulled by a team of them, and he also got to hold some cute little iditarod pups! Awwww!! SO CUTE !!! The puppies aren't bad either (hehe).

Some big ol' elk
Grizzly Bears below. Jim said the one pictured kept trying to eat his phone. He was RIGHT next to them. If the kids and I were there, we would have been AT LEAST 10 feet away. Not Jim, he got all up in their grizz. Get it? Grizz, instead of grills? I'm so dang funny.

I'm glad Jim got to have a day of fun, but I CAN NOT WAIT for him to come home already!!

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