Monday, October 11, 2010

Because this is what you do when it's your birthday. . .

Here are some photos of me when I was little. You know, cause it's my birthday. So I thought I'd share:
My kids really DO look like me.
My brothers and myself below. I LOVED that darn lamb. It sadly met his demise when our German Shepard mistook it for a chew toy.
The last photo is my first trip to Disney World. I'm throwing it in the mix because my 12th Disney trip is coming up in a few weeks. I CAN'T WAIT!! This will be Jim's third trip to Disney, Tralee's second, and Hunter's first! WAHOO! I'm going to be celebrating my birthday all month. Lucky lucky lucky. Thankful thankful thankful.


Necha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You don't look at day over 20!

Audie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Timber Mountain said...

Soooo is it you're birthday?