Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainbow Vomit

One last post before I depart.

I made Tralee a tutu. It looks like a rainbow vomited all over her, but I LOVE it! More importantly, Tralee loves it too. She tells me she feels like a pretty princess when she wears it. After her tutu is in place she'll go find her "dancing shoes" (her dress up shoes, but she calls them her dancing shoes), puts on some of my make-up (applied liberally), wears the necklace and matching bracelet she made, and prances around like the magical super-hero fairy princess she is.
I like this picture of her checking out her shoes over all the fluff

What's a princess without the big fat ogre coming to get her. . .
Correction: Big SUPER CUTE fat ogre


Cammi said...

LOVE THAT TUTU! and her make up and whole outfit is sooo stylish.. :)

Boom said...

I think she should have a bra or something on the top. It looks like Hunter is sporting a full diaper. Can't wait for you to get here!

Love you,


Audie said...

Cute! Have fun on your trip!

Necha said...

Awwww, I want a super cute fat ogre and another little princess!!

Joni said...

Tralee is a diva. :) I love the pics. She is such a cutie pie.