Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. H.O.J's Vocab

Hunter's vocabulary is really expanding as of late. Here are a few of the words he's mastered. . . the little genius.

Hi -- Usually said with a big smile and a few decibels louder than necessary -- especially at church.

Done -- Said like "da"

More -- Said like "mo"

Ball -- Hunter LOVES LOVES LOVES balls. Any kind of ball. When we're walking through a store and he sees anything resembling a ball he sits upright, legs go ridged with each kick, he points in the direction of the balls, and repeats, "Ba-ow! Ba-ow, ba-ow" until you give him one. While my mom and I were shopping Hunter threw a ball out of the cart, and then he started crying. As soon as we placed the ball back in the cart with him his whole body relaxed as he happily hugged the red rubbery orb.

Bubbles -- Hunter says this one really well. He repeats it over and over again while we're blowing bubbles.

Ow -- Hunter mostly says this when I'm trying to set him down and he wants to be held. I think he knows he'll get attention if he says, "Ow!"

Thank you -- Said like "doo-doo" He also says, "tanks."

Lights - Said like "ites." Also said while looking and pointing at the lights.


Mom - He only says mom or mama when he wants me to hold him and I'm not, or if he's looking for me.

Banana - I swear he said this the other day when I asked the kids if they wanted a banana. He only repeated it once or twice after that, so I can't be sure this one is here to stay.

Hunter also repeats other sounds and words after we say them, but the ones listed are the words most frequently used as of late.

Before I know it we'll have a full fledged talker around here.

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