Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are a few pictures from our flying adventures. I wish I would have taken more, especially of the kids looking out the window, but I had my arms full of a squirmy Hunter, and my camera was in the diaper bag. I just didn't feel like going through all the effort to search for it while soaring above the earth. Kind of wish I would have, but these few pictures will have to suffice.
Tralee and Hunter before taking off on flight numeral uno. This was also Hunter's first airplane ride since he's been out of my belly.

What do you think? Are my kids the correct carry on size?

Hunter at the Minneapolis airport.


Hunter and Tralee really enjoyed the moving walk ways. Tralee also loved wearing her Dora backpack. Cute little bug.

Tralee and Hunter looking at the plane we were about to board to Cleveland.

As I mentioned before, my kids were great travelers over all. Good job babies!


Joni said...

Cute pics! The look like they had a great time traveling!

Cammi said...

Holy heck they are getting big! Especially that Hunter! Holy Moly!!!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Minneapolis airport and you didn't come and say hi?!!? Just kiddin - I understand flying alone with two children;)
So how far away is Ohio...I will have to check that out...wouldn't that be cool to see each other?!