Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cleveland: Week One

Here's the view from the window where I'm typing this. My parent's live behind the sixteenth green on the golf course that runs through this neighborhood. It's really pretty here. I love how green it is.

Hunter appreciates the big windows with a view too. I often find him looking out and pointing at things he sees.

Another treat is the big bath tub. Hunter and Tralee usually start out together, and then I fill it EXTRA full for Tralee when I get Hunter out. It's hard to get Tralee out of this thing once she's in.

And then there's me. I've been enjoying my visit. My parents are taking good care of us. I feel spoiled.
We've also frequented a few parks in the area since our visit as well as hit up a few shopping places (pictures soon to come). Going swimming at the club has been on our agenda, but the weather hasn't been cooperating. It's either been rainy, cold, and now today the weather is great for swimming, but I guess the chemicals are being working on in the kiddie pool, so it's closed. We improvised though. . . pictures will come of that as well.

The only bummer that occurred week one is that I scratched my Mom's car. I drove too close to a metal pole and the car got a nice long scratch on the passenger side. I called Jim right after it happened and started crying. I felt like a teenager who did something stupid and was afraid to tell her parents. My parents have been remarkably nice about it. I still feel bad.

The only other news is a few days before I left for Cleveland, Jim bought me the p90x workout DVDs I've been asking for. I've been doing them for two weeks now, and I think I'm beginning to see some improvement. I usually work out after I put Hunter down for a nap. Tralee will either work out with me, or play nearby. Right now Hunter is taking a nap, so I should be working out. . . .but it's yoga day. I don't mind yoga, but the workout is an hour and a half long. I like to keep my workouts to 60 minutes or less. I'm just lazy that way. . . okay. . . here I go to say my ohms.



Joni said...

Fun trip!! you gotta let me know how you like p90x. I've hear about it, but i wanna see what you think. The kids are cute as always...i'm still amazed how big tralee is...she is so adorable.

Audie said...

So good to see that things are going great. We miss you guys!! Speaking of P90x...jared is doing it right now! I've done a few workouts from it but can't seem to stick with it. I like to switch it up too much! Hope you get great results!

Cammi said...

I did P90 for a day with my friend.. (we were supposed to start it and stick with it and never did) and I was sore for like a week from that one work out.. Let me know how it goes! It seems like a good work out though!

Channing: said...

LES>..... your hair is so so so cute.. i love it... the kids are getting so big..... miss you guys!

Andrea said...

Good for you, Leslie. Keep it up!

Hannah S said...

It looks like you've lost weight already, at least in your face. I did P90x once, Tyler 2x. I may start again now that I'm beyond maternity leave. Ya, the yoga is so time consuming. Are you doing it with the meal plan as well?
Um, will you be visiting Utah anytime soon? We need to hang out.