Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Frogs and Sharks

Grammy Char Char couldn't resist getting this froggy swimming pool for her grand babies. Tralee and Hunter have had a lot of fun in it so far.

On Monday the 14th, we took the kids to the library. The library around here has a weekly program for kids ages three and up. First they read a story, then they do a little craft that has to do with the story. This week's was about sharks. During story time the parents are encouraged to leave and then come back for craft time. Dropping Tralee off in her little Dora backpack (which she refused to take off) was my first glimpse of what it might be like when I drop her off for her first day of school (something that's approaching way faster than I want). She looked too cute sitting there with all the other kids. She wasn't scared or sad at all.
While Tralee was enjoying story time, I perused the book shelves and Grandma played with Hunter. All the books on my list were already checked out, or not in this library's catalog. I guess I need to expand my list to include books in this library. My mom had more luck and found a few books on tape we're going to listen to on our road trip to Milwaukee this weekend.
Here is Grammy Char Char helping Tralee with the shark craft. Tralee wanted to do everything by herself. She kept pushing me away saying, "Mommy, go away! Go away! I do it by myself!" I glanced around watching other parents and their children peacefully doing their shark craft together, while Tralee and I were having issues. She is Miss Independent! Do any other parents who read this have a super stubborn independent child? Any pointers? I finally told Tralee to do it by herself, knowing full well she would eventually require help. After a few minutes of struggling she said, "Mommy HELP!" I asked her to ask nicely and she repeated, "Mommy help. . . please." It went a little better after this.
The finished product was this fantastic shark hat. Also, check out Hunter's face below. It looks like he's giving me an evil eye.

I have no clever ways to end this post. . . I'm tired. So. . . frogs and sharks. There you go.


Cammi said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Tralee is so stinkin cute and Hunter is getting sooo big! I know I say that everytime but he is!

Jim said...

Great Leslie,

I enjoyed the post.