Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playing Tag

After church today Tralee was trying to get Jim to pick her up so she was crawling to him. Jim would run away and then come running back to her and do a little running jig. Tralee thought this was pretty hilarious, as you can see from the video.

Jim and I went to meet with our bishop this morning. Jim got called to be the 1st councilor in the young mens. I don't have a calling yet, but I think Jim's will be perfect for him.

Jim made pan fried Rainbow Trout for dinner. He caught them on Friday at Horse Thief Reservoir and we froze them until today. They were delicious!

Now we're watching Wild Hogs as our Sunday night movie. Jim's recording the Bronco game so he can watch it later. It's a pretty regular Sunday. Just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

I LOVE that video! Made me smile lots:)