Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Battle of the Golf Ball

Well, I think I'm slowly getting back into the grove of things. I even managed to clean downstairs, cook a good meal last night, and I'm even considering grocery shopping today. So, I think the vacation is slowly leaving my conscience and everyday thoughts are replacing it.

As I was cleaning today I had to stop and grab the camera as I observed Corky and Tralee fighting over a golf ball. In all fairness, the golf ball IS Corky's. I feel bad for the dog, ever since Tralee was born she's so used to hearing "No Corky!" So, whatever toys ARE Corky's, I usually don't let Tralee tamper with them. However, this was too funny so I let man and beast have out their battle.

Corky was chewing on her ball, and Tralee would get down on all fours to look at it, and attempt to grab it. Usually Corky would run away, but every once in a while Tralee would manage to steal the ball. I noticed that Tralee used a toy cell phone to distract Corky, and when Corky wasn't paying attention Tralee would snatch the golf ball away, and then have TWO toys to play with. However, as soon as Tralee got the ball, she would immediately try to give it back to Corky. Corky was apprehensive to take it back for fear that I would say, "No!" so usually Corky waited for Tralee to drop it, and then snatch it back. This lasted for several minutes, and here are some cute pictures I captured from the little golf ball adventure.

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Meagan, Derek and Brooklyn said...

This was so funny. I always wondered how she and your corky would interact. It is very cute. By the way, how do you get your pictures in the squares like that?