Friday, October 19, 2007

Bowling League Night

So, Jim and I joined a bowling league. The last time we went bowling a lady working at the bowling ally stopped Jim and said, "You should join our bowling league, with a score in the 200's, we need you!" So, yesterday she called Jim to remind him to come to bowling league night. We made it a family affair and had a really good time!

Jim did really well! His first game he got 5 strikes in a row, and people were calling him Superman. His final score was 243! They're going to put him in the newspaper! Jim's average for three games ended up being 185! Plus he picked up 4 - 10 split! Ya baby! I'm lucky if I break 100. My first two scores were 115 and 107. My last frame of the last game I needed to get a strike or a spare and then two pins to break 100. I got the spare and then I lost concentration, because I thought it was a sure thing. I only knocked ONE DANG PIN down! So, my last score was a 99. Oh well. It was fun, and Tralee was very well behaved. There were actually lots of babies there, so she fit right in.

I'm not sure if Jim and I fit right in. There were a lot of "country folk" there. I mean, wife-beater wearing, mullet stylin', belt buckle wearing, hill-billies. It was fun though. The couple we were pared up with were pretty normal, so it was fun. Anywho. . . Friday night for us will be Bowling League Night. "What, would we like to go to a movie with you on Friday night? Oh sorry, we have bowling league night, maybe on Saturday." Haha!

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