Friday, October 12, 2007

My First Blog Entry!!

I guess I nominated myself as family blogger. So here's my first blog entry. I guess I'll start with a description of those you'll be reading about.

Jim Jacobs is the patriarch of our home. He was born and raised in Mountain View, Canada and won't let you forget it, eh. He owns his own cabinet business called Timber Mountain Cabinets. Here's a link to his website: When Jim's not busy providing for his family you can usually find him on the golf course, basketball course, baseball diamond, shooting range, fishing in a lake or river, and spending time with family.

I usually spend my days with Tralee, my beautiful daughter. We usually play, read stories, go for walks with the dog, and if Tralee gives me a minute I try to keep the house in order by cleaning and picking up after the three bodies I share it with. I like doing laundry but hate putting it away, so usually it sits folded in the laundry basket for a day or two until it becomes necessary to put it away. I like watching the food channel and trying out new and interesting recipes for dinner. If I get a chance I also like to work on crafts.

Tralee is our 8 1/2 month old daughter. She loves to crawl and climb the stairs. She loves to eat and taste new things. Her Mommy is her favorite person right now, and Daddy comes in a close second. Corky the dog amuses Tralee and makes an excellent pulling and poking device for the baby. Usually when Corky is running around it makes Tralee giggle. Tralee's latest accomplishments include: climbing the stairs, giving high-fives, and standing while hanging onto furniture or the wall.

Corky is the last member of our family. She's a little pug-nosed dog. She's a pretty good dog if she's not on one of her stubborn streaks. Corky is a Buddhist. The rest of us are LDS but our dog protests whenever we do religious activities. We assume she's Buddhist since She kind of looks like a Pug version of Buddha. Corky's favorite activities are sleeping under the covers or anyplace that's warm, going for walks, and playing hide-and-seek with Jim. Although she gets over-anxious when she can't find Jim right away. It's pretty funny.

So, that's our little family. We live in Boise, Idaho and are enjoying it! GO BRONCOS!!

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