Friday, October 19, 2007


Tralee was fussy last night, and she wouldn't nurse. I felt helpless because she would look at me through her tears as if to say, "fix what's wrong mommy" and I couldn't because I didn't know what was wrong. I gave Tralee infant Tylenol, rocked her, snuggled with her, walked with her, and she kept crying. Every time I tried to nurse her she would turn away and get really mad. I read that when babies go on nursing strikes it could be because they're teething and their mouths hurt too much to nurse. So, maybe that was it. Also, I fed her a few bites of our pizza at dinner, and maybe there was something like garlic in it that made her tummy upset. Whatever it was that kept Tralee up broke my heart! I hated feeling helpless. At around 1:00 am I went and woke Jim up and asked him to give Tralee a blessing. I couldn't hear it over Tralee's yells, but a few minutes after the blessing Tralee finally fell asleep in my arms. I kept her in bed with us, and she slept really well. I didn't sleep because I was worried about her, and praying she wasn't getting sick right before we left for Disney World on vacation. At around 5:00 am she woke up and I tried to nurse her again, she didn't seem interested, and then finally she latched on. I felt better knowing she was eating. Then around 7:00am she nursed again, but it took some coaxing. Then I finally fell asleep with her, and we slept until 9:30am.

Today is a new day, and Tralee seems to be in bright spirits. She nursed, after some more coaxing, and now she's crawling around on the ground babbling and smiling. So, whatever was wrong I hope stays away. I hope that was also a one night episode, because it was brutal on the whole household!!

I'm praying for health and happiness for all of us, at least until after our vacation.


amy said...

yah, those type of nights are horrible. and i hope she's not sick - vacations are no fun with a sick kid. any day isn't fun with a sick kid.

*Abby* said...

So sorry! It sucks feeling helpless and like nothing will make it better. I'm glad she is feeling better! I hope Disney is a blast... as I am sure it will be!