Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our Fast Little Girl

This is just so everyone can see how quick Tralee is! I can't leave the room for longer than a second anymore without Tralee getting into something or being somewhere she shouldn't. Usually when I leave the room she follows me, or makes a be-line for the stairs. She's a cute little Munchkin!

Last night Jim's Mom and her husband Jeff took us out to a Thai restaurant for part of my birthday present. It was SOOOO good! We got The Dinner for Four and we were all stuffed, including Tralee who mostly just ate rice (she also tried some milder flavored items). Tralee seemed to like everything she tried. I loved it, and now the Pad Thai Restaurant is one of my favorites. Plus, the service was great. They were fast and friendly! At one point during dinner Tralee got a hold of a sugar packet. She sucked through the paper and was quite enjoying the sweet sugar until Mommy took it away from her. Oh well.

On other news: We're going pumpkin picking today! I'll take pictures and post them on here later.

That's all folks!
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*Abby* said...

so cute! SHe is super fast! I don't think Ellee was ever that fast! But welcome to the blogging world we are super happy to have you!