Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Red Rock

On our last full day in Canada, a group of us drove back to Waterton and visited a few favorite places again.  Red Rock was one of our stops, and boy was it fun!  We and planned on going swimming this day, but the weather was a bit on the chilly side, so we decided to go to Waterton again.  Little did we know, swimming would take place anyway!  Once at Red Rock, the urge to play in the water was a little too prominent for the wee ones.  Keep in mind, this water is pure glacier run off.  It sent chills up and down my spine just putting my feet in.  So when I watched my little girl jump in with her clothes on, it took my breath away.  However, she loved it, and even got her not-so-thrilled-about-cold-water-cousin Lexi to swim with her.  Brody was the first one to put his whole body in, and I couldn't believe it!  Pretty soon, all the littles wanted in, so we let them go for it, even without swimsuits!  I guess I should have learned by now that if there's water, chances are, my kids will want to swim in it.  Oh well.  I guess every child needs to swim in their clothes at some point!

Me walking the little girls across the water.

Hunter at Red Rock


Mother-daughter selfie at Red Rock

Lexi and Tralee, best cousins

Tralee right before jumping in

At this point she was saying, "Cold!  Cold!  It's cold!"  However, that didn't stop her from jumping in over and over again!

Zayah was a swimming fool!  We all agreed she was so tough because she's the only full-on Canadian cousin. 

Tralee and Lexi jumping in!   Crazy girls!

They called themselves the "Cool Sisters" or something like that afterwards and then pinky promised.

Brody jumping in

The water was freezing, but Tralee looked at happy as can be every time she got out.

After a while of watching his cousins, Hunter said he wanted in the water.  I knew he would by miserable if ALL his clothes were wet, so I stripped him down to his undies, strapped on Brinley's water-wings, and told him to go to town.  He went in up to his knees and was done!  Luckily, the water-wings didn't go to waist.  Zayah put them on and keep swimming to her heart's content.

I DID get this awesome picture of Hunter out of it though!  I mean, he looks GREAT!  This won't end up in his graduation and/or wedding video at all!

Our group at Red Rock
 When we finished swimming, we went out to dinner in town.  While eating, the rain began.  It really started to fall after a bit, so we hunkered down at the candy store, and picked out some treats while we waited for the rain to die down.  Tralee found some tongue tatoos her and Lexi modeled for everyone.  Then we stopped one last time at the Prince of Wales hotel, and then drove back to Grandma and Grandpa's.

There are really no bad days in Waterton.  I'm so glad I was able to spend our days there with some of my favorite people.

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