Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July in Canada - Part One

One trip up to Canada this summer wasn't enough.  We has to take two trips.  We just have WAY too much fun up there.  Plus, trip number two was to celebrate Jim sister's Tranny's (real name Channing) wedding to Cody.

We arrived in Canada a few days before the nuptials, and squeezed some playtime in.  We pulled into Cardston around 1:00 on a Wednesday and stopped by Cammi's new place and met up with her family and Joni's family.  We FINALLY met Lyla Belle, the newest and cutest and chubbiest and most perfect addition to the family.  After several hellos and hugs and holdings of the baby, we ate some lunch (Dairy Queen Poutine!!), and everyone drove towards Waterton National Park to do a little explorin.  

We drove up to Crandell Lake (I think) and what met us on the road?  A Mamma Bear and her THREE cubs!  It was the most adorable thing!  The kids and I stuck our heads out of the sunroof, and watched this Mamma Bear walk right next to our car, and then cross the road in front of us followed by her babes.  I only had my iphone, so the nicer pictures below are from Cammi and her big camera.

Once at Crandell we took some pictures, hiked a little ways, and let the kids throw stuff in the water. 

A hike just isn't a hike without your fairy wings!

The next two picture below are hilarious.  Chase (Cammi's husband) was hiding behind a sign, ready to jump out and scare the pants off Zayah and Hunter.  Poor Zayah and Hunter.  They were just walking along the path, minding their own business, and then Uncle Chase jumped out and sent the two wee ones into a frenzy.  I felt a little bad, because I laughed so dang hard.  It was pretty funny, but maybe not so much for the little ones.

Before we left the lake, Jim HAD to jump in.  Let me remind you that this is Canadian GLACIER runoff water.  I mean, there was still snow in the mountains.  This water was stinkin' cold, and Jim stripped down to his swim shorts and jumped right in!  Two little old ladies stopped us on our way back to the parking lot and said they used to bribe their children with money and treats to jump in.   It was cute. 

We went to South Beach after Crandell and played around (some of us were brave enough to swim) for a bit.  Uncle Chase made sure Hunter was properly traumatized.  Jim got a break from being the teaser.  Haha!

The boys grabbed some sticks and rocks, and played a little baseball of sorts.

I even tried my hand at baseball.  Jim was impressed with my skills.

We ate dinner at Wieners of Waterton.  Just try and imagine all the wiener jokes that ensued between Jim, Chase, and Aaron while we ate dinner.  Probably every wiener joke that could be made, was said. It's a good thing all the innuendos went right over the kids' heads.  I mean, just look at how sweet and innocent they still are!

After a healthy helping of ice cream at Big Scoop, we went back to Ross and Judy's and hung out for a bit.  Tralee and Hunter couldn't get enough of Lyla Belle.  I mean, you can't help but love on this delicious chubby baby!  Aaron and Joni made an adorable being.  They need to have twelve more so I can get my baby fix in over the next several years. 

Joni and Cammi were practicing a song with Ross for Tran's wedding, and the boys were golfing outside, so I HAD to hold Lyla Belle.  Oh man, it was just so hard.  Jokes!  I wasn't hating life one bit!  I might have kissed her little cheeks and head about a thousand times.

The next day we helped with wedding decor, and then took a little break to take the kids to Beazer Hole to get some swimming in.  The weather was so nice, and we all had so much fun!  Jim stayed behind to help with some of the more difficult parts of the wedding decor.  What a good guy!

Tralee is such a little fish.  She loved swimming out to the rope, and swinging into the water.  Cammi, Joni, and I even did it.  The three of us looked SUPER awesome swinging into the water.  Ha!

Hunter was pretty happy to stay on the shore.  I took him out into the frigid Canadian water once, and he said, "Too cold!  Too cold!  Put me back!  Put me back!"  and that was the end of his relationship with the water.  Luckily, he was pretty happy to dig around in the rocks and the sand.

They built a sand castle!  Yippie!

Hunter probably kissed Lyla Belle as much as I did.  He LOVED his little cousin.

On Friday night John and his family made it up to Canada.  Tralee and Hunter were beyond excited to have more cousins to play with.  I was super excited to see my Utah Bestie Chast A.KA. Cassi.  With all the family there that would be coming, Joni and Aaron had Lyla Belle's blessing.  The cute little munchkin cried and cried and cried the whole time Ross blessed her.  Then, after all was said and done, she sat up and was as calm as could be.  Silly girl!  It was a lovely moment with family. . . and the good news is, our family fun was just getting started!!

Well. . . that sums up part one of our July in Canada trip.

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