Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Few From June 2014

Before we left for Canada in June 2014, we had a couple of fun days.  One morning Jim, the kids, and I went out to breakfast.  We ate at The Griddle (or maybe Griddles), and it was DELICIOUS!  Afterwards, we zipped Stinks and Hunty up in my sweatshirt, since it was raining out, and they walked back to the car full of food and giggles.

The last day of swim lessons was a blast for the kiddos.  The second half of lessons was spent playing on all the slides at Roaring Springs.  I was so proud of Hunter.  He has NEVER wanted to go down any kind of water-slide of any sort, and he went down the kiddie slides at Roaring Springs multiple times. . . well, all except the big yellow one.  That was still a little too intense for him.

After lessons were over, we took a few congratulatory pictures, and then left for our first Canada trip of the year.

Stay tuned for more craziness. . .

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