Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Day in Canada

After Tran's wedding festivities, we had a few days to play with family before we had to get back to reality.  We spent the day after the wedding at Waterton National Park with John and Cassi's family.  We climbed Bear's Hump, which might not have been the best idea on that super hot day.  Luckily, we're a bunch of people who like to laugh, so we made the best of it.  In fact, Cassi and I were laughing a lot up the hike.  We were making up songs, inventing new Disney princesses and telling their stories (our children were NOT impressed), and talking about beef n' butter.  All things that don't sound funny now, but were hilarious to us in the moment of our hike-and-heat-induced delirium.  The kids were super happy they had cousins along for the experience. 

The kids are pictured above at the start of the hike, and the little girls below somewhere in the middle.  They look more tired below.

Once at the top of Bears Hump we basked in our surroundings and enjoyed the scenery.  Uncle John planned ahead, and knew there would be chipmunks at the top, so he brought along sunflower seeds to feed them.  The children all thought this was the best thing EVER!  The chipmunks would take the seeds right out of our hands.  It was pretty cute.

Cassi and I pictured below, looked all tough and accomplished after our climb.

Now for some chipmunk/scenery pics:

After our hike, we went to the lake to throw in rocks, and then into town for dinner and ice cream.  While at the lake the kids found tons of caterpillars and made them a little home/fort right on my towel.  That was nice of them!  After enjoying our food, we walked to the docks, and relaxed again by the lake.  The little girls had fun burying Jim with rocks.  It was a fun day in Waterton.

Once back from W-town a few of us drove to Rommerils to end our night fishing.

The whole day was a success.  I'm so grateful for the family we have, and the memories we've made with them.

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