Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Love You Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

I added a new printable to my Etsy shop.  It's kind of fun a quirky.  I think I might print #7 or #3 off and hang it in my new kitchen.  I also like #1.  Decisions decisions. . . 

What's your favorite color combo?  What other color combos would look good?  Do you have any other sayings or ideas you would like to see?  Let me know if a comment below, and if I use it, I'll send you a free printable once it's made.

If you like this, and want to see more, check out my Etsy shop or all of the *FREE PRINTABLES* I have on my blog.

Have a wonderful day.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

I love the blue orange combo but #8 has a retro"swee shoppe" feel that I love too. They are fantastic! Great job!