Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thrill the World 2013

When my mom was in town in October, Jim, Tralee, and I danced to MJ's Thriller once again with 100-something other zombies.  We practiced for about a month, and on dance day, we zombified ourselves, and headed downtown to thrill it up.

Okay, embarrassing story time: 

So. . . I wasn't paying close enough attention to where the front and back of the dance was going to be, so when we all marched out like zombies, I laid down where I thought the back to the middle would be.  NOPE!!!  Turns out I was SMACK DAB IN FRONT!  This meant Tralee and Jim, who were following my lead, were in the front too.  Just to clarify, we're BACK ROW kind of people.  So, when the music began and we started dancing, I soon realize I wasn't in the middle-back.  Jim, Tralee, and I were the first dancers of the group.  After this realization hit (and I saw all the cameras filming pretty much right in my face), it was like I was in a bad dream.  I totally fazed out, and honestly can't remember doing the rest of the dance.  I was also upset, because I wanted to be in the middlish-back, because I wanted Tralee to be able to follow people in front of her, in case she forgot some of the choreography.  Whelp, that sure didn't happen!  I was totally embarrassed about the whole situation, and Jim was too.  He was like, "I kept wondering why you were walking to the front."  AHHHH!!  Oh well, it's over now.  I've only lost a few sleepless nights over it.  Also, the experience reminded me of this a little bit:

I'm pretty sure I can laugh about my awkwardness now.  Well, maybe do a combination of cringe/laugh.  Anyways, below are some pictures we took of ourselves all zombied up.  They're pretty gross.  We look disgusting, in an awesome way.  

P.S.  I kind of like gross and disgusting yet awesome things.

Just a family of zombies. . . Hunter wasn't infected.

One of my favorite songs to listen to during Halloween time.

Just a couple of zombies, looking for brains to eat.

Another awesome group of zombies with Tralee and myself.

So, our Thrill the World experience was a mix of fun, embarrassing, awesome, disgusting, and awkward. Definitely a memory-maker.

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