Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Backtracking. . . Fall Party

I need to backtrack for a bit, as I realized I never blogged about Tralee's Fall Party.  So, here goes.

Tralee is my socialite.  She's constantly thinking up get-togethers and parties she can throw.  Often these ideas don't get passed the planning stage (the stage where I say, "Oh!  That sounds like fun" and hope that she forgets them by the next day), but back in the fall, Tralee was ADAMANT that she wanted to host a "Fall Party."  She made invitations for all her friends, planed out crafts she and her comrades could make, and asked me everyday, "When is my Fall Party?"  I finally realized my vague answers weren't going to cut it anymore, so on a Thursday night (in a very impromptu way) I told Tralee her Fall party would be the next day.  I told her to think of a few friends to invite, and I would make some phone calls.  I called the moms and invited the girls over after school the next day.  Tralee was over the moon.

While Stinks sat anxiously in school, Hunter and I bought some donuts and apple juice for the party food, bought a few balloons for decor, and printed off the letters to spell "FALL"for some additional Fall ambiance.  We also found our leftover Halloween candy, and used it to make some party favor bags.  I printed off some fall themed bag topper thingys, because I was feeling crafty and Pinteresty.  It was all pretty easy.  These easy things had a big effect on Tralee when I picked her and her friends up from school.  She was so excited to see the decorations, and couldn't wait to PAR-TAY with her buds.

Fall decor.  The first thing Tralee saw when she walked in with her friends after school

Balloons and turkey crafts
Tralee and I came up with a simple and fun turkey craft everyone could make and take home.  I had to get some paper plates and googly eyes; we had the glue, feathers, and felt already.  Pretty easy.
Everyone got to make a turkey

Turkey craft

Party food

All the little girlies working on their turkeys


More crafting
After the turkey craft was complete everyone played for a while.  After a bit of playing, I put on movie for the kids to watch until their parents showed up.  

All the girls left with a party bag, their turkey, and a smile on their faces.  Tralee was the perfect little hostess, and was so happy to have some of her buddies over to celebrate fall.  
Party favor bags

I'll chalk this party up as a success. . . and hope that my social girl doesn't come up with a party for every month of the year.  I think one or two will do.

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Boom said...

OK, I seem to remember reading about the fall party back in the fall. But this post was better, so it must have been on Instagram you posted in the past.