Monday, December 9, 2013

Three Random Things

In the interest of getting caught up on the blog, here are some pictures of events that happened within the last few months.  Ready. . . set. . . go. . . 

1.  I volunteered at Tralee's Fall Festival Party at school.  She was pretty excited to have Mommy there.  It was fun for me to see her in her element.

2.  The kids and I read together every night before bed.  It took us a few months, but we finally made it through Black Beauty (Hunter might have nodded off a time or two whilst reading).  Black Beauty is one of my favorite books.  Every time I finish it, I wish I had a horse.  They're lovely creatures!  Also, it's so fun to share my childhood favorites with my wee ones.  I might even say, more fun than reading them for the first time.

3.  Since Hunter usually falls asleep during our nightly reading time, we usually make sure to make up for it during the day while Tralee is in school.  He's a Dr. Seuss fan. 

We love our simple little life around here.  

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