Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree

On the evening of Sunday, December 1st, 2013 our little family set out to decorate our Christmas tree.  I put some Christmas music on, got some water boiling for hot chocolate, and we started hanging ornaments and unlocking memories from Christmas-past.

Decorating this year was A LOT of fun.  Hunter was WAAAAY into it.  We realized that this was probably the first year he would truly remember the experience.  Last year we were in Hawaii, and we had a tiny little tree the owner of the condo put up for us.  The year before that, Hunter was only two.  He probably hung up a few ornaments that year, but THIS year he completely and utterly understood the decorating, and loved every minute of it.  It was so fun to watch his excitement every time he unwrapped a new ornament.  My favorite part was when Hunty said, "Now we're starting to jingle those bells!"  I love him.

Tralee was excited too, but after she hung a few ornaments with care, she was more interested in coloring.  Jim hung a few, and filmed a lot of the decorating, but after a while, he and Corky snuggled nicely into the couch.  Hunter and I hung until the very end.  We loved it.  Below are some pictures from our family's night with our Tannenbaum.   

Isn't she pretty?

Family photo.  We're blurry, the tree's in focus.  Oh well.  Maybe the next time we use the timer, we'll make sure everything that needs to be in focus, is.
Our Christmas tree is fake and little, but we like it.  It suits our little family, and our little house.  Our night of decorating was so fun!  

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