Saturday, December 14, 2013

Handsome Hunter, Cute Tralee, and My Main Squeeze

Hi there.  Remember when I wrote about my mom being in town a few months ago?  Well, while she was here, we did A LOT of shopping.  In our many shopping sprees, we bought Jim a new suit, and Hunter a new church outfit.  Char Char never got to see the boys in their new digs, so one Sunday before we left for church, I snapped a few pictures on the ol' iphone to send to Grammy Char Char.  I wanted her to see how handsome my boys looked.  Tralee wanted to be involved, so her cute self snuck into some pictures too.  The outfit she's wearing is one I made.  This is also before we did her hair for church.  Still cute. 

This last picture features two of  the handsomest people I know.

I love them all.

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