Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yesteryears Museum

Grammy and Grandpa Jacobs collected and saved several items -- some everyday items, some specialty items -- throughout their lives.  Their accumulated treasures were documented, and placed in a barn on their property.  Grammy affectionately named it their Yesteryear's Museum, and I've only ever been inside it twice!  Jim took me in there the first time he brought me up to Canada when we were dating, and this last time we went up I was able to go inside the little museum again.  I LOVED IT!  I loved touching, reading about, and seeing all the bits and pieces of history from Jim's ancestors.  I hope someday my own children will enjoy reading about these items, and how they were used, so they can appreciate their family history as well as how good we have it now-a-days.

Grammy Jacobs in front of her museum.
The museum guard.  Grammy made him!

Grammy's first butter churn

Shaving mirror and kit used by James Sabey and Mervyn Owen Jacobs
Mervyn Owen Jacobs as a child

Ross Jacobs' toy guns

Baby Zayah sitting on an old school desk

I know I've mention this before, but Jim's grandpa Jacobs was a real live cowboy!  He was shot in the leg while rounding up horses shortly after Grammy and he were married.  He lost his leg in the accident, and left behind quite a legacy when he passed.  While we were in the shed Ross pointed out this saddle skirt to us.  It was the one Mervyn was wearing when he was shot.  You can see the bullet hole!  Crazy!

Hunty's turn in the desk

Jim and Grammy Jacobs
I love these marshmallow tins!
Jim trying on his Grandpa Jacobs' baseball glove.
Grammy Jacobs' very own washboard.  On it was the lye soap she made herself!
This were Jim's Dad's shoes

Jim's great-grandpa James Sabey Jacobs and wife Eva.
Grammy's first oil lamp.  The curling iron was heated right inside the lamp!

When Jim was little they still had a shared line and their own ring.  He said it changed to the modern way of ringing people when he was around 12-years-old.

Ross painted this and all the kids had a blast playing in it!  Some of Jim's cousins came over one night.  My kids LOVED it!

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