Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last Day in Mountain View

On our last day in Canada, we hung out, went fishing, Jim went golfing with his dad again while the girls, kids, and I went out for poutine -- I HAVE to get poutine when I'm in Canada -- we played more cards, and ate more ketchup chips (another Canadian must).  It was a nice relaxing Canadian day.  Here are the last pics from our trip.  It was our last fishing excursion to Romeril's Lake.  There are a TON of pics below, because I like them all and couldn't decide which ones to do without.

I think this might possibly be my favorite from the whole trip.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's the crystal clear water reflecting the blue cloud filled sky, or maybe it's the fact that my two favorite men in the whole world are sharing a quiet moment fishing together.

Old Chief

I told Hunty to look for Old Chief, this is what he did.
 Okay, so the following pictures are of a little photo shoot Tralee directed.  She kept telling me to snap pictures, so I did.  I love them all.

Can you see Cammi?  She's way over on the other side of the lake fishing.

Jim and Ross fishing together

The next day Jim, the kids, and I packed up, and drove away from the land of maple leaves, snow, moose, poutine, ketchup chips, and crib -- just to name a few.  We, as always, enjoyed our time with family in the Great White North, and hope to go back soon.


Necha said...

Leslie your kids are SERIOUSLY cute!

Leslie said...

Thanks Necha! I would have to say the same to you!! :)

Hannah S said...

Oh, wow! Those are gorgeous photos!!! Makes me want to visit canada. and what kind of fish is that?