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Friday In Canada - June '12

We drove to Canada on Thursday, June 21st.  We traveled the whole way in one day and the lil' kiddies did GREAT!  Hooray for happy little travelers!  The first night in Canada we went fishing at Romeril's Lake.  I don't have pics from that night.  Sometimes I like to leave the camera behind and just enjoy the moment!

On Friday afternoon Jim woke up and went golfing with his dad.  I woke up and got the kids and myself ready, and we went over to Cammi's (Jim's sister lives just down the road from Ross and Judy). We played with Cammi and Baby Zayah until the boys came home from golfing.  After that we went up to the Mountain View cemetary.  Ross informed Jim and Cammi that they had a bit of a gopher problem up there, so he told them to go take care of it.  I'll just leave it at that!!!

We were also able to see Jim's name sake's (his great-grandfather) gravestone as well as Jim's grandpa Mervyn Owen Jacobs' (Hunter Owen's name-sake) resting place.  That was nice.
Old Chief mountain as seen from Mountain View Cemetary

James Sabey and Eva Jacobs' place of rest

Mervyn Owen Jacobs place of rest

Sometimes this girl does the most fantastic poses!

Both of my kiddies LOVED their cousin Baby Zayah.  They never called her Zayah.  It was alwasy Baby Zayah!  That's her official name in this house!

Making her mama proud!  Cammi is really handy with a gun.  I have a feeling Zayah will be as well.

After our visit in the cemetary we stopped by Grammy Jacobs' house for a game of crib.  It was Cammi and me against Grammy and Jim.  Cammi and I SKUNKED Jim and won the tournament until Grammy pulled out the ol' "let's play one last game; WINNER TAKES ALL" trick.  Grammy ALWAYS wins at winner takes all!!  Cammi and I should have known, but you can't really say no to Grammy, so I guess you could say we let Jim and Grammy win.  :)

Grammy Jacobs.  All time crib champ!!

Playing crib at Grammy's.  A trip to Canada isn't complete without a game of crib at Grammy's.

Friday night was a roast by the fire.  We roasted the usual, and visited together.  After dinner we played some more crib, golf, and poker.

Ross tending the fire.  He also did an amazing rendition of "He-Man -- Master of the Universe" for Tralee this night!  I'm not sure Tralee loved it, as she wanted to play princess, but Jim and I sure thought it was hilarious!

Cooking dinner over the firepit.  See the church in the background?  That's were Jim mostly went on Sunday growing up, some summers they drove into Waterton for church.

Our Canada trip was off to a lovely start!

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