Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainy Canadian Saturday

We woke up on Saturday morning to a gray rainy day.  I actually love these kinds of days, so I was A-OK with the weather, but knew we would have to find something to keep the littles from going stir crazy.  When Cammi suggested we go over to the school gym (right up the road from Ross and Judy's) we thought it would be the perfect solution to run off some energy.

Ross playing with Hunty and Z in the rain on Saturday morning

Check out Tralee's basketball skills!  She was dribbling the ball all over the court!
Jim and Cammi started dribbling on either side of Zayah.  I don't think it was her favorite thing.

Cammi going for her shot.

Grandpa Ross kept the little boy and girl busy with the colorful balls.  Hunter's favorite ball was the blue one (of course!).

After a while Ross started to play

Not bad for a grandpa

Jim did all right too!

We played a lot of card games on Saturday as well.  Some of the braver people went down to the old Jacobs' property to fish down by the river.  I did not go.  Fishing in the cold rain didn't appeal to me, so I stayed in and visited with the girls.  Good times.

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