Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday in Waterton - Part Three

After skipping rocks our group traveled to the main street in Waterton.  We checked out some shops, ate some ice cream, and our little family went on a quick little bike ride on a super fun bike built for four!

Checking out the shops

Going on a bike ride - I seriously want one of these!!

Tralee spotted a naughty deer.  

Hunter and Tralee both rode Thunder the horse outside of Pat's of Waterton (also the place to rent those cool bikes and other modes of transport).  Thunder was the energizer bunny that kept going and going and going and going.  It wasn't until the shop owner came out and told us Thunder often gets stuck, and you have to unplug him to make him stop, that we realized our great fortune!  Thunder definitely gave us our money's worth!

So that was our day in Waterton.  We had so much fun with Ross, Cammi, Nikki, Channing, Zayah, and our little family.

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