Monday, September 20, 2010

Question Among Ramblings

How come sometimes I feel so on-the-ball as far as housekeeping, child rearing, working out, blogging, and crafting go, and other times I'm so blah? I'm in a blah phase right now. There are loads of brilliant ideas rumbling around in my head, but instead of act on them, I spend my day only scratching the surface. I'm now behind on all areas of my life.

What do you do to motivate yourself?

I'm really not a go getter. I'm more of a flight of fancy kind of person. I want to be more of a go getter. I'm also easily overwhelmed. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. I feel if I can't accomplish everything I want to, or don't see immediate results, then I shouldn't even try. I know this is a crap way to think, but that's just how my brain is wired. I know I just need to dive right back into my life, and stop waiting for inspiration to strike. Once I get going, I'm fine. It's just starting back into the grind that's problematic.

I also need to set goals, makes lists, and follow through. I haven't been doing this lately, and it really helps me attain a more go getter kind of attitude. Not that the flight of fancy thing isn't fun too, but you tend to see more blah days than seize the day days when you live on a whim. So, I'm gonna make a list and stick to it. I also think a schedule of sorts will benefit us. Nothing too strict, but a guideline for how our days should go. We're pretty laid back in this household (thanks to my flight of fancy-ness), and I know my kids need a schedule. We had one for a little while, and then. . . well, you know how it goes. . . unless you're a go getter kind of person who ALWAYS sticks to your schedule NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! If you're that kind of person, I'm envious, and I also feel the need to say to you, "take a chill pill!!"

There is one pretty great idea that keeps swirling around the old noggin, and I'm pretty excited about it. Once I get back to being the Leslie I want to be instead of the Leslie that's kind of a blob right now, I'll post all about it. Jim even thinks it's a GREAT idea, and it's hard to get his seal of approval on my flights of fancy. Also, he knows I don't follow through alot, so it's hard to get him excited about things I come up with, but this idea even has him smiling!!



Necha said...

Leslie, I am exactly like you! I have all these great ideas, and I make lists of how to make my house perfect and clean, the kids perfectly home preschooled, the dog trained, me in shape! haha! We are all eating healthy...etc etc etc. I only begin to scratch the surface when I try to accomplish any of it. But, when I do accomplish something, I feel incredibly proud! *Sigh* someday I'll be perfect. Someday......

Audie said...

I'm right there with you my friend. I would like to pay myself $100 for every task accomplished. That would be motivating. And then I could spend it on whatever I wanted to. However, I don't have a lot of money lying around to do that. My suggestion, which is something I am working on, is to take one task that should be done daily and work on it DAILY! Then it becomes habit and you can start to incorporate other tasks.

Boom said...

You are pretty awesome just the way you are. However, I am curious and excited to hear about the new envisioned endeavor. Get on it so you can tell all!

Love Mom

Hannah S said...

Ya, I'm totally with you. I have no answers for you. sorry. Um,....try not to be too hard on yourself for the stuff you don't get done. That is what I tell myself.
What is this new idea?? I'm excited to find out!