Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Last Adventure in Oregon

We ate our last meal in Seaside at the Pig N' Pancake again. I ordered sour dough pancakes. Delish!! After breakfast, we walked to the beach and played again. We let the water chase us, we drew in the sand, Hunter chased birdies, and right before we left, Jim jumped in the ocean. The water was SO COLD, but Jim said he couldn't leave without jumping in. I got a video of it on Jim's phone, and if I can figure out how to put it on the computer, I'll post it eventually.

Below is a picture Tralee drew in the sand. When I asked her who it was she said, "Charlie Brown." Tralee and I like to read the Sunday comics together, and her favorite one is Charlie Brown. Can't you totally see it in her drawing? I think this has to be one of my favorites!
Of course I drew this cheesy message in the sand. I mean, you gotta do this when you're at a beach, right?
Tralee was being a doggy in the water. Silly girl.
My two favorite guys pictured below.
Tralee shouting at something. I just thought the silhouette looked cool.
And lastly, the kid-os and myself saying goodbye to the Oregon coast.
Our vacation was too much fun. We decided this is definitely one that needs to be repeated!

The drive home was fine. We stopped alot, but I guess that's normal when you're traveling with two wee ones. At one point after dark, Hunter was tired and screaming, and the only thing that would get him to stop was me reaching back and letting him hold onto my arm. It was sweet, but my arm kept falling asleep. Plus, I was trying to drive too (Jim and I were in separate vehicles). When I moved my arm, he cried until he was holding onto it again. Then, it really got crazy when Tralee said, "I want to hold Mommy's hand too!" I didn't have any other hand to give her! So she started crying, and I felt bad because Hunter was hogging me, and I try to be fair with my kids. So, I let Tralee hold my hand for a minute, which made Hunter cry again. I finally explained to Tralee that Hunter was smaller and wanted to hold Mommy's hand until he fell asleep, could he please do that? She reluctantly agreed, and as soon as Hunty drifted off, I held Tralee's hand for a bit until she was satisfied. Then I said, "Kay, it's Mommy's turn to have her hand back." Phew!!! It was nice to have both hands on the steering wheel again.

We made it home alive, and it was so nice to walk into a nice clean house. Don't worry though, it didn't stay clean for very long. I think it was scattered with toys again the very next morning and pretty much back to normal!

It's good to be home, but I also can't wait for our next adventure!!!

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Cammi said...

I didnt comment on all the posts but I loved them all.. especially all the pics! Looks like so much fun!