Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Not So Very Polite Blog Post

We're very sophisticated in our house hold. See for yourself:

This happened right after Hunter burped for real. I asked him, "Did you just burp?" I exaggerated the word burp and he cracked up, so of course I said burp again and got another laugh. A few minutes later our little burping session evolved into what you see in the video. Don't worry Mom, we'll start working on manners real soon.

Also, do boys just automatically think burping and farting are way funnier than girls? Tralee looks more shocked around here when anyone burps or farts (just kidding, no one around here EVER does anything so rude). Hunter just cracks up when gas is emitted. Oh the joys of having a son.


Boom said...

Love it! Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I love it too! He is speaking to well, Leslie! Lots better than Mae - she only has like two words down! Can Hunter come and teach her some?!

Hannah S said...

Yes, boys are more into those words. Unforunately, Samuel has taught and encouraged Jocelyn to talk like a toilet. It's annoying. I am glad Tralee has sense to know that it's gross after too much.