Saturday, September 11, 2010

Next Adventure in Seaside, Oregon

We played on the beach for a nice long time the first afternoon we were in Seaside. When we were beached out, we hit up the hotel room for a little R+R time (read: nap time) before dinner. Jim and I decided that sushi was in order for the first meal of our coastline vaca, so we hit up a little sushi joint along the main drag of Seaside. It was prima cool to walk there from our hotel room. The bambinos also enjoyed the stroll, and added bonus, it wore them right out. Actually, it wore us out too chasing after them. Did you know that those little one and three-year-old legs are fast? It seems they get even faster when they're about to walk right into the street. Gee willikers!

We made it to the sushi place right before the dinnertime rush. Our meal was delish. We had the waitress order for us. One, because she knows what's best and two, we wanted to hurry things along. It's not easy for a one-year-old and three-year-old to sit still. James (yes, sometimes I call him that) was also smart enough to suggest an early dinner to beat the crowds. Therefore, our squirly kids' antics wouldn't be a nuisance to as many as they would at peak eating hour. Our plan worked well. We appetized on some edamame, which the kids actually enjoyed as well. I can't remember which rolls we ate, but they were GOOOOOOOD and so pretty!!! The kids split a tempura chicken meal that came with sweet potatoes among other veggies. Dinner was so fun!

We left the restaurant and explored the streets of Seaside. We stopped and played at a big arcade. Tralee rode a carousel. We window shopped, ate some donuts at a little donut shop for dessert (I told Jim, "we went from eating some of the healthiest food on the planet to eating the crappiest food on the planet all in the same night!). What else? Oh, we walked along some boardwalks with a river flowing beneath it. Tralee wanted to feed the fishies her leftover chicken, so we did. Hunter threw rocks in the water and got his head stuck. He came unstuck pretty easily. The evening was just lovely as we spent it doing whatever our little hearts desired. Before we knew it, the sky blanketed the sun as it sunk beneath its cloudy covers, and we found our way back to the hotel in the dusk.

We made it safely to room 403, where the babes drifted off to dreamland in no time at all, and Jim and I stayed up talking in bed while holdings hands under the covers, watching Man Woman Wild on the boob-tube, and snacking on the salt water taffy we picked up earlier in the evening. Our evening ended with making plans for our next day of adventures.


Joni said...

Fun! Makes me want to head up there for a visit!

Leslie said...

Joni, come with us next time!!

Joni said...

I would love that!! And i could watch the kids while you and Jim have a date!

Boom said...

Great pics! Thanks for letting us in on the adventure! Love it!