Sunday, September 5, 2010


What's that? Are you wondering what Tralee is pointing at? Well, let me show you.

She's pointing at the Portland Areal Tram pictured below.
It was our fourth adventure of the trip. We saw the trams soaring over the city when we drove into Portland and knew this was something we HAD to try! Tralee was pretty excited to ride as she danced through the streets admiring her reflection in the windows on the walk to the tram.
I decided to get a picture of all of our reflections in the glass. Check on Tralee's sweet dance moves.
We're ALMOST ready to ride!!! Tralee are you so EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!
I think that's a positive!!
Oh yeah baby!! Soaring over Portland. We felt so cool!
Checkin' out the view
On the way back to the car we spotted a little water fountain. Right when we approached it the water stopped. That didn't stop my kids.
Water turned back on soon enough.
Splishy splashin'
Tralee! Smile at the camera for Mommy!
Hunter wasn't too sure he liked the water on. He was still workin' on his chicken strip from lunch.
Pretty little feet there lady!
Don't mind Hunty-Dizzle. He's just a-munchin on his chicken, completely avoiding the water at this point.
Tralee, do you like this adventure we're on?
Her answer was yes, in case you were wondering. We spent a lovely thirty minutes or so at the fountain. Then Tralee started running around the perimeter of the fountain, grabbing at her derriere, and I heard the words that make a nice relaxing afternoon at the city fountain turn into a panicky afternoon at the fountain: "I have to go potty!" So, we left the fountain, headed back to our hotel (nothing was open in that area on a Sunday afternoon, and I had no idea where to even go in the first place as no one was around to ask!), and Tralee made it safely to the thrown. Phew!

Adventure Cuatro was a success! You won't even believe what happened next on our trip! Oh man! Adventure five will pop your eyes right out of your head you'll be so surprised.


Joni said...

Tralee is an adorable ball of excitement! I need to play with that girl! Looks like another fabulous day!

Boom said...

How can you leave us hanging like that! I can't wait for the next installment! Hurry up!

Love, Mom

The Kelly Variety said...