Monday, March 8, 2010

Sick Baby Tired Momma

Hunter's sick. There's nothing worse than a sick baby. For the last three (or is it four?) nights I've been up with him. Why is it that sickness seems to come full throttle in the middle of the night? And why is it that children get sick at the worst possible times? We had a busy weekend and that's when Hunter's little virus kicked in full force. A time when we have lots to do, and the doctor's office is closed. Whatever nasty bug invaded my babe's body has left our entire household tired and grumpy. Even Tralee was woken up by Hunter's constant cries for comfort.

Last night was the worst night. Hunter's crying (when I say crying, I really mean screaming) resulted in his hoarse voice this morning. I paced the floor with him as he wiggled in my arms, trying to find a position that wouldn't cause him pain. Nursing him didn't comfort him, it just made him angry. Laying down next to him didn't help either. I tried to just leave him in his bed and see if he could just cry it out, but after fifteen minutes his sobs weren't subsiding. And I'll be honest, I hate letting him cry it out when he's sick. So. . . the majority of my night (for the last three or four evenings) have been spent wandering our house with a sick feverish baby in my arms, or standing in the bathroom with a steamy shower running to try and get all the gunk to loosen up inside Hunter's body. Oh. . . and many middle of the night prayers were said. Some tearful. Some a little (maybe a lot) on the begging side. Most of the time my prayers to "please (please please please) help my baby to settle down and sleep for at least a few hours" were answered. I'm thankful for those few hours of rest we received. So very thankful.

I called Hunter's doctor's office right when they opened at 8am this morning. The first available appointment was at 10:20 and I took it. Dr. B confirmed what I already suspected, Hunter has an ear infection. We've started him on his antibiotics today, so hopefully the next few nights will be a bit more peaceful around here!

Please. Please. Please.


Boom said...

I'm on antibiotics too for an ear infection.

Joni said...

Poor little Hunter(and Mommy.) I hope tonight he gets some sleep.


Cammi said...

I am hoping for you all to get sleep too!! Poor little guy! Good luck!

Audie said...

Not fun!!! And I have Hunter's blanket at my place. I'll give it to you later this week!!