Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day O' Fun

My friend Audie and I had been planning a fun day for a while now. We had it all planned out for last week, then my kids got sick. So, we rescheduled for Tuesday. Tuesday ended up being the perfect day! The weather was great, all children were healthy, and we were excited to play. Our agenda was as follows:
  • Hit up a few antique stores (we're either brave or crazy, but our kids joined us for the experience. A lot of, "No touching!" was said by us moms.)
  • Go to a grocery store to get items for the perfect picnic lunch
  • Eat said picnic lunch at a park and then. . .
Everything was crossed of our list and moms, toddlers, and babies all had fun.
Tralee started climbing up this hill. She was getting really far, and soon I knew I wouldn't be able to see her. She wasn't listening to me when I told her to stay where I could see her, so I did what any mom would do. I told her she better come down quick because there was a big snake on top of the hill that was going to get her if she didn't listen to me. Worked like a charm. This picture is of Tralee climbing back down, avoiding the scary snake.
This girls LOVES to climb!
Tralee also went down this big enclosed slide like nothing. There's one just like this at the park we frequent, and Tralee is too afraid to go down it. But this slide wasn't scary to her for some reason.
Jovie and Tralee had fun together
Do you see Tralee?! She climbed up this big rock formation several times. Of course she didn't know how to get down, so Mommy came to the rescue several times.

Look at my little stud muffin!
He was stylin' a little mohawk
Jovie told me "this is what Ariel, the little mermaid, does on the rock in the movie." I had to snap a picture because for a second, I thought I was ACTUALLY looking at the little mermaid!
Hunter and Oakley had fun standing next to each other. Actually, Oakley was hit on by several little boys around her age. She didn't really care for them, and preferred the company of Hunter. Too bad Hunter and Oakley are distant cousins, or I might be tempted to arrange a marriage.
See what I mean?

I like his face in the picture below. He looks like he's flexing his muscles and pulling a manly face for the ladies.
It was a day full o' fun!


Amberly said...

hunter looks like his daddy! what a fun day together, so nice that the weather is cooperating for great outings!

Cammi said...

Fun Fun day!!! Love all the pics!! Tralee is a little monkey!

Joni said...

There is so much to say.
1. Tralee is such a good climber. I'm not suprised that she is brave when it comes to that.
2. Telling her there was a scary snake...genius! :)
3. How hilarious is Jovie doing that little mermaid pose?! Love it!
4. Hunter is precious...and those pictures of him and Oakley are to die for.

I could go on and on, but I will spare you. :) So glad you had a fun day!!

Audie said...

Good times. Jovie saw the pic of herself on the rock and said,"Hey, that's like Ariel the little mermaid!" It was super exciting to her. Thanks for the fun day. Let's plan something again. Oakley's sick so we might have to wait a week!

Jim said...

Leslie, I cannot believe you would stoop to the snake thing! But I'm glad it worked for you! Hunter is too cute! Glad everyone was healthy again! Hope it stays that way. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Jim said...


That last comment was from Mom! Dad's been on my computer again!

Love, Mom

Hannah S said...

Brave day! Antiques and big rocks. wow.

Yes, I wish we could live closer and get to know each other more in person. haha. I know we'd get along in person too.