Sunday, March 14, 2010

Before I forget

There's a few things I need to document.

1. Hunter's first word is "Uh-oh" So very cute! He said it for the first time last week. Since then it's his new favorite thing to day, especially when he drops something.

2. Hunter can also say thank you, but it sounds more like "do do." Other words in his vocabulary are "Da" for Daddy or Dad, and actually. . . that's all I can think of. If you say "Honk"to Hunter, he'll grab your nose and squeeze it.

3. Hunter has been giving high-fives for a over a month now.

4. Tralee likes to put her "babies" night night. I constantly find her stuffies in various places around the house covered up with a blanket, t-shirt, or dish towel. She's been doing this for over a year. I'm just not sure I wrote it down.

5. Our FAVORITE thing Tralee says is, "Don't make sad! Make happy!" If we're upset for any reason she'll run up to us and say, "Don't make sad. Make happy!" I love it. I love it so much I don't want to correct her grammatical error. Right now, as I type, Tralee is ticked off that she can't do something. I just told her to be happy, her reply: "I don't want to make happy! I want to make sad!" Boy, little girls sure are emotional!

6. Our other favorite Traleeism is when she says, "My fo buggins!" Whenever her nose needs to be wiped I ask, "Is your nose buggin' you?" Well, Tralee calls her nose a fo. So, if her "fo" is buggin' her she'll tell us, "My fo buggins!" We've adapted to Tralee's way and usually you'll find either Jim or me asking Tralee, "Is your fo buggins?"

In other news. . . the kids are at the tale end of their illness. Thank goodness!

That's all.


Boom said...

Thanks for the update! Call me sometime!

Joni said...

fo buggin! That is so cute. Your kids are sooo cute! :)